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This fourth of July, we right here at AAR chose to join in on the festive mood. What better method to commemorate our country's birthday on your phone than to shoot fireworks from it? No, we're not suggesting you band handful of bottle rockets to your Android phone as well as set it up with the kickstand and the camera rolling. That would be funny though. Click this link: [ <a href=] "> for more information.

Today we bring you a testimonial on one of the best real-time wallpapers on the market. 3D Skyrocket. For those of you not familiar with the wallpaper, it's a live wallpaper that brightens up your homescreens with colored fireworks.

3D Skyrocket stands apart from other fireworks wallpapers because is utilizes Open GL for the visuals. For those of you unfamiliar with Open GL, it is a toolkit that mobile players have been moving toward for the last couple years. It's main objective is to bring apps and also games to life using 3D engines. What does this mean for you as well as this application? It indicates 3D skyrocket is just one of the most (if not THE most) practical fireworks wallpapers around. As well as if you take a look around, there are plenty of of them.

Firstly, if you're going to do something like fireworks, you had better "go large, or go residence". There are a lot of other fireworks wallpapers available to just make a bad fireworks wallpaper as well as expect it to obtain preferred. The Go Wallpaper Dev Team saw this, noticed that there was already a flooding of these wallpapers, and young boy did they go big. When I initially saw this app, I believed, "Great, an additional fireworks wallpaper." Yet just for kicks, I clicked it, as well as the images looked respectable. The marketplace reviews behaved likewise so I believed I would certainly give it a try. I had not been disappointed, as neither need to you be.

What I Like About This Application

This wallpaper is amazing for numerous reasons. Initially, the viewpoint of the fireworks is frequently transforming. This is what makes it 3D. The video camera is always panning as well as zooming, offering you a real-time sight of the fireworks from all angles. You can really see the stream of smoke routing the firework as it climbs high into the skies.

Numerous fireworks wallpapers have just one type of firework; The basic round shaped burst, as well as it usually is only in solid colors. Not 3D Skyrocket. This thing shoots all the different types out there. You have actually obtained the basic fireworks in addition to the two-color bursts, supernovas, halos, shimmering fountains and a lot more. Skyrocket likewise shows cloud degrees along with the celebrities, which truly makes it look as genuine as it gets.

What Could Be Much better

While Skyrocket is among the most aesthetically attractive live wallpapers out there, it lacks somewhat in customization. The majority of various other fireworks wallpapers permit the colors and regularities to be adjusted. While this is a small complaint, it still would behave to set the frequency to "super-ridiculous-overload-your-graphics-processor" high and see the grand finale shine so brilliant you need to turn your phone's illumination down. Additionally, while I really did not experience it a lot, there have actually been several complaints from paying consumers that the full variation has some performance issues. The most typical complaints were freezing or blank display issues. With Any Luck the Go Wallpaper Dev Team is working on this.


Even with its minor flaws, 3D Skyrocket is conveniently the best fireworks wallpaper on the Android Market. It is stunning, ingenious and exciting. While a wallpaper similar to this can drain your battery rapidly, it is to be anticipated considering it is an online wallpaper in addition to one that features a few of the very best graphics to day.