The amazing story of survival

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Just a little over a year since the successful "Birdmana" director Alejandro González Iñárritu showed the world his next movie.

Mexican creator once again put the ensemble cast and pictures of Emmanuel Lubezkiego.

Is this time he managed to create original, thought-provoking and aesthetically overwhelming work? The answer seems quite simple. The latest film starring Leonardo DiCaprio in the lead role is one of the best films I've ever seen. Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) injured after a bear attack, he seeks revenge on John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy), who tricked decided to bury him alive. Fitzgerald's only motivation was to rapid earnings and cowardice. However, the main character is fighting with all his strength, and thanks to the incredible determination remains alive to find his enemy and take revenge. Leonardo DiCaprio Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, the very first seconds of the motion throw us in an incredibly atmospheric, cold world in which the whole story takes place. "Phantom" is not only a story of survival, but also about the desire for revenge and cowardice.

Alejandro González Iñárritu perfectly zbalansował survival of those threads that show us the characters emotions and allow you to get to know their past. One could indeed cut a few scenes from the film, during which we wait until it starts to happen more.

Such moments, however, is relatively small, so even with them we have to deal with the production at the highest level. Leonardo DiCaprio Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Tom Hardy Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation The strong, if not the strongest party "Apparitions" is excellent acting.

DiCaprio proved to be sensational in all the scenes - both those in which the hero fighting for his life, and when we learn intymniejszych details of his life. The task set before the actor was so much hard that his hero, Hugh Glass, throughout the film speaks only a few sentences. I can not definitely say whether this is the best creation of American stars, but it certainly is very high in the ranking of his achievements. The huge round of applause should also Tom Hardy. British actor once again in his career proves that no role is not it terrible. The main antagonist, John Fitzgerald, his performance is a figure of flesh and blood. Hardy created a hero whose znienawidzimy (or, in a sense will love) after only a few minutes of the film. Fitzgerald's almost like you can not be everything - the wild look, the way of speaking or even move.

It is undoubtedly the sensational character played back. Also the wayside, in the form of actors such as, among others, Domhnall Gleeson and Will Poulter, does not disappoint and provides the audience a lot of emotions. "Phantom" will go down in the history of American cinema also with photos. Emmanuel Lubezki once again presents its own unique style, known eg. From the "Gravity", "Human children" or "Birdmana." This time, however, the Mexican operator in some way broke up and also benefited from a number of shorter and static shots.

In addition, a huge brilliantly captures impressive landscapes. This adds a breath of freshness to his work and maybe bring him next, the third consecutive Oscar.

     Leonardo DiCaprio Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation could have a lot to write about the youngest child Alejandro González Iñárritu, but I think that the "apparition" just have to see.

The reasons are many, and their exchange will not give up even in the middle of this, what impression do while watching a movie. I encourage you, therefore, to go to the movies and spend more than two hours full of excitement and involvement in the work viewed. Not once will you damage the main character, and you will have a real Fitzgerald wanted to kill. What could be better than a movie that involves so? .

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